How to Peel and Layer Chat Stickers in iMessage

Hey! This is Kaye Champ, owner and illustrator of Pretty Girl Digitals. Today friends I’m going to quickly show you how to peel and layer chat stickers on text messages using the Lula Gif Emoji Sticker app, available now in the Apple App Store for $1.99. The Lula Gif Emoji Sticker app has over 50 emoji and animated sticker styles of a fun girl giving life to daily expressions and casual thoughts.

One of the reasons these cute emoji-style graphics are called stickers is because you can "stick" them on messages or other stickers to quickly respond or share your thoughts. It is a way to personalize your expressions in a text thread. Watch the tutorial or read below for step by step instructions.

To start, compose a message to a contact. Select the App Store icon to the left of imessage window.


When you do that, the App store icon will turn blue. Along the bottom a browser window will appear. And underneath that, App icons of apps and stickers available to use with iMessage with also appear. I will choose the Lula Gif Emoji sticker pack. Press the app icon. The stickers available in that pack will appear in the browser window.

Scroll to choose a sticker.


Any sticker can be peeled to layer on another sticker. Today I will choose one of the handlettered phrases. I chose “Girl Please”

With index finger, press the sticker and watch it wiggle and lift up.


Press and slide up to selected message. At the same time, the selected message will slightly change colors to let you know it is “stickable” You can slide the sticker into whatever position you like. On top of message, to the side of the box, whatever you choose. Keep in mind that placing a sticker over a message can impede readability.

It takes a little dexterity, but you can also resize the sticker or rotate it before sticking on a message. But you have to keep your index finger on the sticker. Go ahead and play with it! It’s fun!


Enjoy and have fun!  It is easy to do with the Lula Gif Emoji Sticker Pack.  Thank you friends.

Kamaca Champion